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    Drive revenue and increase transactions with our omni-channel platform

Through continous pursuit of Innovation and aggregation creating access in the payments,collections and eCommerce space.
Forward Thinkers in solution aggregation

About us

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Morofin is a Botswana based company that is transforming the VAS Aggregation landscape. Our executive team boasts a wealth of experience within sectors of ICT, Banking, Consultancy and Education.

The hardest thing to understand in the world is the income tax.
Albert Einstein

Our services


An Aggregator delivers one single interface to one or more payment methods, collects the payouts and contracts with banks or financial institution.


Our banking and payment engines provide the foundation for all of our mobile capabilities. In support of these engines, we have mobile solutions to deliver and manage the mobile end user experience and functionality.


Morofin will enable you to streamline payout for different payment methods (cards, bank transfers, wallets).


Morofin e-commerce platform will be able to process online card transactions from major card providers

team MoroFin
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Meet our team

team MoroFin

Monametsi Kalayamotho




New Business Development


Strategic Planning

Monametsi Kalayamotho is the founder of Moro and a successfull entrepreneur with verifiable year-after-year success in achieving revenue, profit and business growth objectives with startup, turnaround, and rapid change environments.
With over 20 years industry experience, he has extensive experience with highly engineered systems, which require deep understanding of critical business drivers in multiple markets and industries.
Monametsi attained BSc Honors in Information Systems and an MSc in Stategic Management and is currently persuining a doctorate of Business Administration witht he Netherlands Business School.

team MoroFin

Thabiso Pearl Malgas

Co-founder of ALMAZ, CEO LPG


Key Skills

Business Development

Project Management

Thabiso Pearl Malgas is the co-founder of ALMAZ, a qualified economist with experience in leading teams of qualified ICT professionals. She serves as Vice Chairperson of CoBIT, an organization whose mandate is to promote participation of citizen-owned IT Business in the national ICT sector.
Thabiso's leadership capability has also been demostrated when she participated in stakeholder engagements with Education Hub, CIPA, Intel and Microsoft ICT integration into Education Project.

Her interest in technology and how it enhances teaching and learning has driven her to become a founder of Lone Pearl Group (LPG), a digital content development and aggregation company that provides holistic solutions for the education sector. She holds a Bachelor of Economics, Master's Degree in World Economy and is persuing a PhD in Economics.

team MoroFin

Rapelang Rabana

Executive Chair


Key Skills

Strategic Planning

Featured on the cover of Forbes Africa before the age of 30, Rapelang Rabana was the founding CEO of Yeigo, an innovative Cape Town based company that developed some of the world’s earliest mobile VoIP applications. Yeigo created ground-breaking applications and services that took advantage of the internet, mobile and cloud computing technologies to tackle the cost of communication.
Rapelang is also part of the team behind Tomplaygo, a mobile and web entertainment platform, combining music, fashion and popular culture.

team MoroFin

Rona Tshiamo

CEO Moonstone Capital (Pty) Ltd


Key Skills

Strategic Marketing

Product Management

Rona Tshiamo is one of the youngest female CEOs in the ICT industry in Botswana. Rona Tshiamo is synonymous with Moonstone Capital (Pty) Ltd, as she engine that drives the organization and has been involved in the company's many projects. Iin addition to being co-founder of YES-ICT, she has been instrumental in stakeholder engagements and leading the development of large technological solutions in government ministries and parastatals.

She holds an Executive Management certificate from the University of Stellenbosch, Single Subject Diploma in Marketing and International Business Communications from International Commercial Management in UK, London. Rona also holds cetificate in Molex and Madrac cabling solutions.

team MoroFin

Tshepo Molale

Managing Director and Group Executive


Key Skills

Strategic Marketing

Product Management

Mobile Communications

Tshepo is Managing Director and group executive. Molale has worked a for number of years in the risk management, internal audit, consulting, engineering, marketing and business development fields. He has worked for large corporates that include AngoGold Ashanti, Vodacom, Discovery Health and KPMG in different capacities that range from Internal Audit, Risk, IT Audit, SOX, Finance and Marketing. During this time, he has travelled and compaleted projects in Brazil, Barcelona, Ghana, Hong Kong and Beijing, to mention a few.

Tshepo Holds a Masters in Business Leadership from UNISA School of Business Leadership completed in 2006 as well as Executive Development Program in 2014. He is CICA, CIA and CCSA certified. He has presented at a number of conferences and is passionate about the vast field of corporate governance and business development.

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